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Elmas has won the heart of people in the North West of England for the last 2 years since its origin.


We are proud to announce that all our customers are very happy with all the aspects of the restaurant and cannot wait to be back to Elmas for more!


We enjoy the privilege of being situated in the best part of Lymm village opposite to the 'Lymm Cross'.


All our staff are specially chosen to provide you with the highest quality of service.


Tel: 01925 756 049

Email: elmasrestaurant@gmail.com




Any 2 Early Bird courses - £12.90

Any 3 Early Bird courses - £15.90



You choose your favorite foods, Including Pizza, Pasta & more



We have a great selection 

or feel free to create your own



We can cater for all types of events and parties including Birthdays, Anniversaries, Work Events, Meetings and anything else you might like to host
Give us a call today or use our booking form below and we'll be happy to help you to make the event memorable.

The Mediterranean is composed of many different cultures, and there seems to be no single image that represents a "magical" unity. Even with the shared trinity of ingredients (olive oil, wheat, and the vine), Italian food is a world apart from Turkish food, yet both are Mediterranean. Elmas would like to provide you with the wide range of this 'magical unity of the Mediterranean'


In the Mediterranean, food takes on a new meaning as your favourite memories become dining with friends on mild summer evenings. For people who want to enjoy life, the Mediterranean lifestyle is the model to emulate, and cuisine is a big part of that. Even better, just as the people of the Mediterranean enjoy some of the most flavourful food in the world, their cuisine is also among the healthiest thanks to replacing saturated fats with olive oil spreads. This means you not only enjoy life more, but you can live longer as well! In the Mediterranean, ingredients should be fresh and of the highest quality, even if this means waiting for some of them to be in season.


People who live in the Mediterranean region, those romantic countries like France, Spain, Greece, or Italy, are the source of envy for much of the rest of the world. They enjoy nice temperate climates all year round, conducive to robust and healthy complexions. The Mediterranean are at the epicentre of both classical and modern culture, so the stunning brilliance of the human potential is always close in mind.


At Elmas, we are inspired by the mediterranean food, the people, the friendliness, and the culture. We always wanted to give you similar experience in the North West of England and so was born Elmas!!


Special Events & Parties

We can host any occasion including hen parties, birthdays, christmas events
and we cater from 10 to 100 people - tailor made to your requirements!
We host top entertainers such as Joe Longthorn and Darren Day!